Danielle Etl, CCHT

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Vital Herbalist, Transformational Coach

Awaken. Transform. Evolve.

Danielle Etl, of the Inner Key, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Vital Herbalist, & Transformation Coach with a strong interest in using Alchemical Methods, Medical Astrology and Intuitive Insight coupled with highly effective mind, body, science techniques that are and backed by current and emerging scientific research.

She has been involved in the facilitation of healing in some way shape or form for over 12 Years. Fostering a strong sense of Self Love and Self Worth is of particular interest and is almost always an integral component in her work with clients.

To book appointments with Danielle, please call her directly at (530) 264-5027 or visit our online scheduler to book an appointment online.


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