Gilly Cameron Neill

Sound Healing, Reiki, Head Massage

Originally from Scotland, Gilly has been living in the United States for the past 14 years. Debilitating depression and social anxiety were what catalyzed Gilly’s healing journey, and for the last ten years, she has been in a deep study of modalities that cultivate self-love, trust, and support a thriving life. Through the gift of grace, she has been fortunate to study with master teachers in the realms of sound and alternative healing.

Her sessions weave sound (in the form of channeled vocal frequencies), Indian head massage, and intuitive reading. The healing transmitted through sound frequencies as well as her therapeutic touch is healing on the physical, mental, emotional and soul level. Due to the depth of this work, it is perfect for those suffering from depression, or healing from extreme circumstances

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Services and Classes:

Vibrational Healing Session

75 min – $150

Each session includes a unique combination of therapeutic touch, sound healing, and energy work similar to Reiki. The session is Channelled, which means that universal healing currents are spontaneously moving through Gilly to awaken a remembrance within, and catalyze a reconnection with self, and source. This type of sessions is for those wishing to go deep and includes intuitively received guidance that empowers you with information and tools to take with you as you step back into your life.

Sound Healing Coaching Session

45 min – $90

In this intuitively guided session, we will be exploring DIY sound healing techniques that utilize the vibration of the voice for healing. You will learn simple, yet extremely effective tools that will catalyze transformation within your life, and that can be directly put into practice when navigating overwhelming physical, emotional and mental experiences. For a taster come along to the workshop on the last Saturday of the month where you will get a feel for the potency of vibratory vocal healing.


30 min – $50

Feel like you could use some energy work but don’t know where to start? Get a tune-up! The session includes channeled universal healing frequencies that will realign you with the peace that you are. This is a wonderful session for those who are new to energy work and wish to explore.


Hour and a half session – $20 (no one is turned away due to lack of funds)

In this workshop, we will be exploring D.I.Y (Do it yourself!) sound healing techniques that utilize the vibration of the voice for healing. You will leave equipped with a toolbox of simple and extremely effective techniques that catalyze transformation and assist you in navigating overwhelming physical, emotional and mental challenges. The workshop will close with a sound bath immersion of instrumental and vocal healing frequencies

If you wish to create lasting change in your life then multiple healing sessions are likely in order. Of course every individual has different needs and has been focusing a different amount of time and energy on her or his own healing. Gilly is excited to work with those who are committed to their growth and wellness and to help you achieve your healing goals. To make this more affordable for you she has created the following packages of 3, 6, and 9 healing sessions.


Book 3 sessions for $405

Save 10%

Book 6 sessions for $765

Save 15%

Book 9 sessions for $1080

Save 20%

*Package prices assume a session length of 75 minutes per session. If you desire a longer session or if we determine that a longer session is appropriate, the discounted rate will be applied to any additional hours. Please inform Gilly if you desire to stay within the 1 hour limit per session or are flexible to include some longer sessions as necessary ahead of time. Thank you.

Upcoming Events with Gilly:

Scottish Sound Healing

Frequencies of Scotland – Sound Journey

Once a month take a pause for you…

Welcome personal growth and changes with vibrational support for your body, mind, and soul from our Scottish Sound Healing. Gilly Cameron Neill offers her healing magic, giving opportunity for you to receive a sonic reset, clearing out the old and making way for your highest potential to come into reality. Let go into waves of sound and vibration intended to soothe your body and move your entire system through stages of relaxation, release, expansion, love, and integration.

Divine Feminine Empowerement

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