Joanna Reichhold

Family Counselor, Psychologist, Birth Doula, Shamanic Practitioner

Joanna Reichhold has a Masters in Counseling Psychology and a BA in World Religions. With years of clinical and intuitive specialty training in postpartum support, trauma-informed somatic work, coaching, soul retrieval, Voice Dialogue, mindfulness training, and ceremony, her gifts are exceptionally matched to empower your highest potential.

She has led year-long women’s empowerment circles and loves to support people coming into their personal power and overcoming trauma or oppression. Specialty work with domestic violence victims, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, mothers, and chronic illness support and healing as well as informed court support and accompaniment.

Joanna has been a teacher, guide, and healing ally for over 20 years as well as a yoga and mindfulness teacher and herbal arts student. Joanna was trained and initiated as a shamanic practitioner by the first western student of Aama Bombo of the 13 Indigenous Grandmother’s Council as well as the Western Magical Training at Blue Iris Mystery School. Joanna provides support for professionals, couples, and individuals who are making significant shift in their lives towards creating lasting ease and joy.

A seasoned wedding officiant and chaplain, she also loves to do pre-marital counseling sessions and couples counseling.

Other trainings:

  • Hospice Grief Support Group Facilitator
  • 13 years of Zen Meditation under the guidance of teacher Nelson Foster
  • Postpartum Support International Certification

Here’s a recent testimonial from an MFT psychology professional of 30+ years who was Joanna’s student and client:

In my work as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I value practices which help me to fine tune my abilities to listen deeply, invite change with respect and wisdom and open heartedness, and practices which help me honor the limitations of what I know in a limitless Universe.


Joanna’s consultation and the practices she taught me have enabled me to develop and trust my intuition and non-intellectual, somatic awareness in ways which have helped me personally and in my professional life.


Together with Joanna I was also able to develop a self-care practice which nourishes and supports the work I do and informs the skills and strategies I am able to offer all my clients, and most especially those who are mourning and/or healing from trauma. Joanna opened a “door” and I have been profoundly changed and grateful for the expanded perspective I get to have as a result of our contact.


~ Sheri Graham-Whitt, LMFT 32300 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

To book appointments with Joanna, please call her directly at (770) 359-8232 or visit our online scheduler to book an appointment online.

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