Shanie Matthews

Yoga Teacher, Massage Practitioner

Nicknamed “Magic Hands” while working in the mountains of Alaska, Shanie Matthews began her lifelong journey as a healer with her grandmother teaching her the art of massage as a small child. This familiarization with touch helped her to develop an intuitive connection to the inherent needs of each individual. Her lifelong fascination with becoming the best person we can be, she began studying the art of happiness at an early age. This continuing education gave her a large toolbelt of techniques that she adores sharing with others. The interlacing of modalities of health that she offers helps a person release pain, let go of stagnation (in the body and in life) and connect with expansion in all ways.

She offers both group classes at our Yoga Studio as well as personalized Theraperutic Yoga Consultations done in a nurturing ono-on-one setting. Each session is formulated off of your health and wellness concerns and is highly beneficial for chronic pain, cancer support, osteoporosis, depression, anxiety and PTSD as well as other health concerns.

Utilizing yoga poses, pranayama, visualizations, affirmations, massage, meditation techniques and dance, her classes as well as Therapeutic Yoga Consultations help people to release stress, reconnect to a more youthful state of being and enhance life overall.

She has been trained at the Ritam School of Healing Arts, The Global School of Living Yoga and is currently in school for Yoga Therapy at the Ananda School of Yoga & Meditation. She is also a graduate of Western Washington University and is a E-RYT and YACEP.

Let her magic help guide you to a happier, healthier state of being.

To book appointments with Shanie, please call her directly at (530)386-6897 or visit our online scheduler to book an appointment online.


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Shanie Matthews’s classes:


Yoga for Bone Strength
Description: If you are looking at a future that involves osteopenia or osteoporosis, then this class is for you! Each class focuses on poses that help stimulate bone density growth through utilizing Dynamic Tension, while at the same time focusing on creating muscle memory that protects the body in every day life.


Gentle Yin Yoga for Joy
Description: This class focuses on the healing that comes from using the beauty of long-held, simple yoga poses combined with a nurturing, deep breath and mindfulness techniques to assist the body in retaining its youthful health, vibrancy and stamina. Poses are done in a gentle, supportive manner that promotes flexibility, balance and reducing inflammation.