Tera Thorne

Qoya & Meditation Teacher

Tera started her journey over 20 years. She had an insatiable appetite for knowing the meaning of life and that passion lead her to earn a degree in Religious Studies at Humboldt State. After school she
travelled the world attending retreats and trainings so that she could continue to increase her understanding of life and it’s relationship with Spirit, but also so she could be in service to others. She
trained to be a massage therapist, a shamanic practitioner, reiki master, meditation facilitator, a Qoya leader, an energy worker, yoga/pilates/massage instructor, and a life, relationship, sexuality, and intuitive guide.

She now offers services that help empower people to listen to their own innate wisdom, embrace their brilliance, and live the best life possible. Currently Tera is available for retreats, small groups and one-on-one Qoya classes and Stargate experiences.

The Stargate meditations allow us to strengthen our intuition and experience subtle energies in a tangible way. We set the energy by opening up the dimensions, thinning the veils of perception so that safe, loving, benevolent beings can come to assist us in raising our vibration, dropping our limitations, and playing with energy to effect change our world. Each 2 hour experience is composed of multiple channeled meditations, with time for sharing in between, and every meditation is guided specifically for the group that is present. We connect with angels, guides, elementals, places, star families and much much more…all you need is an open mind to benefit from this unique experience. For more information please go to www.thestargateexperience.com.

Qoya is a feminine movement practice based on the idea that through movement we remember our true essence as women, as wise wild and free. We use yoga, dance and feminine movement to tap into our true essence while surrounded and supported by other women. Qoya also invites us to remember how to be present in our body so that we can be more present in our lives. It’s a moving meditation that reminds us how to stay connected to our body and the sweetness of life that can only be found if and when we are present in the moment. As a practice Qoya leads you back to the simple pleasures that can be found in our daily lives and the wisdom that can be found within. It’s so yummy as a practice, you have to try it out! For more information please go to www.qoya.love.

More services will be available in the future so stay tuned and stay connected. She looks forward to serving you and growing together. Please contact her if you have any questions about services, fees, or availability.

You can contact her at: magicsurroundsus@live.com
Call or text 916.719.5364
Facebook: Tera Thorne
Instagram: @terra_storm